HI! ✦

My name is Annet,
I am a digital artist who loves making fanart and merch of my favourite anime, manga, movies and games!
✦ My favourite series at the moment include: Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Hotline Miami, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil.
I make acrylic products, stickers and sticker sheets, button pins, bookmarks, art prints, & many more!I opened my shop and started participating in Artist Alley events in 2023, and it has quickly become my obsession!✦ Take a look at some of my works below!


Commission Info

Bust 30€Bust 45€
Half body 40€Half body 60€

- additional character + 75% each
- no/one colour background (free)
- simple background + 5-20€

Terms and Conditions

Will do:

  • fanart

  • ships

  • original characters

  • soft NSFW

  • gore

Won't do:

  • complex designs

  • explicit NSFW

  • furry

  • mecha

  • Please note that I reserve the right to refuse to draw certain themes/pairings that I am not comfortable with.

  • Commissioned artworks are for personal use only (posting on social media, gifts, etc).

  • To order a commission please fill out this form.

  • I will contact you later to discuss your commission and provide details for payment. You can also contact me first via Twitter/Instagram DM if you have any questions.

  • Full payment upfront via PayPal.

  • Prices are in EUR.

  • Workflow: commission additional info that was not mentioned in the form (references, etc) > full payment > sketch > revision > lineart > full colour.

  • Commission completion time is up to 4 weeks (however, it can be longer due to personal circumstances).

  • You will receive a high-res PNG illustration via email that you provided in the form.

  • Commission requests that seem to be too difficult may be rejected.